The NFL RedZone – now on Smithville TV!

Don’t miss any NFL red hot action – catch EVERY touchdown from EVERY NFL game all on one channel – the NFL RedZone.

The NFL RedZone follows critical action for you, automatically switching from game to game with up to the minute important plays and touchdowns. If a team gets inside the 20 yard line and prepares to score, NFL RedZone will automatically tune to that game.

Catch the NFL RedZone on Smithville Channel 63 for SD and 663 for HD.

The NFL RedZone is only available on Sunday afternoons during NFL game times.
(The channel presently has no other programming at other times)

For NFL RedZone schedule and details, visit:

Only $50 for September-December Season Subscription!
Sign up today and catch all the action by calling us at: (800) 742-4084, or send us an email at

Details to subscribe
Customer must have a current subscription to Smithville Basic or Classic TV Services to subscribe to NFL RedZone.

Billing details and cancellation
The subscription is traditionally billed monthly at $12.50 for four months (September, October, November & December) for a total fee of $50.

  • If not ordered until November the subscriber will still pay the full subscription fee of $50.
  • If subscriber cancels at any time during contract they will be charged for the dollar amount remaining on their contract.
  • If the subscriber cancels their service before completing the contract they will be charged whatever the balance of the $50.00 is at disconnection.