STV Products and Add-Ons


Standard Box

Anything but basic.

Browse and search TV program listings with our advanced on-screen channel guide and take charge with enhanced parental controls.

The standard STV box boasts an array of high tech features to deliver you the best picture, Dolby Digital™ sound and an on- screen, customizable channel guide.

Smithville TV Box

  • Dolby Digital™
  • "Favorites" Section
  • High Definition
  • On-Screen Guide


Take your TV to the next level.

The STV HD-DVR is one state-of-the-art machine delivering the highest available picture quality of up to 1080p resolution HD!

With Dolby Digital™ support out of the box, the HD-DVR receiver is ready for any home theatre. Enhance your TV with the HD-DVR receiver for Smithville TV.

A generous 500GB DVR will store hours of your favorite shows. Fast forward through commercials or pause and rewind live TV.


  • 500GB DVR
  • Dolby Digital™
  • "Favorites" Section
  • High Definition


Standard (SD) Set Top Box

It's easy and affordable to add additional SD boxes to any room in the house.



Additional DVR boxes allow each member of the household to record and store their favorite programming. Once one box is full, add one or more DVR boxes for more storage space.


Whole-home DVR

Record all your favorites on a primary DVR box then watch them from any set top box in the house.


Whole-house HD Service

Enjoy the visual splendor of HD throughout your home on all HD-ready televisions.